Dr.Neubauer Bison


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We have managed to further enhance the effectiveness of Anti-Spin rubbers while blocking close to the table with our new Anti-Spin rubber BISON. In that regard the rubber is just as effective as the old friction less long pimples since excellent spin reversal can be achieved especially while blocking against topspin shots with a lot of rotation. Its very low speed also brings back memories from the good old times: BISON sets a new standard in the field of completely friction less Anti-Spin rubbers on account of its ability to return the ball very short over the net. BISON can be used both on classic “combination” blades as well as on fast and stiff offensive blades thanks to the absorption power of its dampening sponge that will literally “kill” the speed of the oncoming ball. Even so-called “power loops” (high speed, little spin) can be returned without difficulty. All in all BISON is easy to handle and provides both great control and maximum spin reversal even on fast blades. Dr. Neubauer BISON: The new benchmark for blocking close to the table


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